Everyone started looking for their own name like crazy, people collided, pushed each
other, there was a complete chaos. At the end of 5 minutes, no one could find their own
balloon. happinessThe speaker said this time everyone should take a balloon and give it to

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the person whose name is written on it. Within a few minutes, everyone had their own
balloon. The speaker said: “We see this in our lives. Everyone is madly looking for happiness
and does not know where it is. Our happiness is hidden in the happiness of others. Give

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them happiness; yours comes to you. And that is the purpose of people’s life… to pursue
happiness.” Masumi describes this type of love:In this type of love, a person is loved because
he is something, has something, or does something. Whether someone else loves him or her How Much House Can I Afford
depends on a quality or condition he or she has. Example? “I love you. Because you are very
beautiful” (You are handsome, you are successful). “I love you. Because you’re so popular, so

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rich, so famous.”“I love you. Because you give me so much confidence.” The author explains
that the ‘because’ type of love is preferable to the ‘if’ type of love. If your type of love is
conditional on an

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expectation it can become a heavy burden. Being loved for a quality we
already have is a pleasant thing that strokes our ego. This type is to be loved as we are. chase online banking
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People prefer to be loved for who they are. This kind of love is comforting as it does not
burden them. But as a matter of fact, you’ll find that the “Because” type isn’t fundamentally

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different from the “If” type. After all, the “because” type of love also brings a burden to
people.People always want to be loved by more people. They strive to add new ones to their
fans. They fear that when someone with slightly more lovable qualities emerges, their loved

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ones will begin to love the other. Thus, striving for endless love and competition enter life.
The youngest daughter in the family drinks to the newborn baby. The prettiest girl in her
class drinks to the new girl. The married woman resents her husband’s young and beautiful
secretary. “Then, can a feeling of trust be found in kind love?” asks Masumi.“Because” type

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of love, he says, cannot be true and solid love. There are two other reasons why this kind of
love does not give a sense of security.The first is “Are we who the person who loves us
thinks we are?” fear.All people have two sides. One that they show, the other that only they

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know. This is where their fear arises if people realize that we are not who they think we are
and leave us. The second is “What if I change one day and people don’t like me?” is a
concern. Unfortunately, artistic works that tell many important events and personalities in
our history to today’s people are almost non-existent. Unfortunately, a beautiful theatrical

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work describing the Dardanelles Wars and its spirit has not yet been written and delivered to
our people by our literati. Based on this lack, I decided to write a play, albeit amateurishly.
For the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to develop this play with different student
groups every year. We rehearsed intensively for four months for the 100th anniversary of
the Çanakkale Wars. Finally, the “Fresh Saplings” poetry theater; With its quality of acting,
costume, decor, lighting, live music and sound effects, it became a play that brought the
audience back to experience the noble spirit and unity of the Çanakkale Wars and received
enthusiastic applause in some scenes, and made tears wipe their tears in some scenes.
While browsing the internet for documents for the 18 March Çanakkale Martyrs’ Memorial
events. I found such a recording of the conversation that I got goosebumps. Social Studies
Teacher Seval Eroğlu described that moment with such a feeling that after listening to this
speech, I felt that I could not do the 18 March Çanakkale Martyrs’ Commemoration activities
properly until now.